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A Box of Sundries

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A Box of Sundries  (Post 105)

A Box of Sundries (2003), was inspired by a wander through the markets under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In this story, twins Quinn and Quentin want to buy a gift for their parents' 20th wedding anniversary. At the markets they find a stall being minded by a big boy they know who helps out with holiday activities. They have problems finding something both parents will like, and settle on a picture, but it costs more than they have. Their friend says there are some unframed pictures in a box of sundries under the stall, so they choose a dot painting of a lizard.

They present the gift at the party and one of the guests identifies the picture as one of a set by a well-known indigenous artist that was stolen recently. The twins are sure their friend is not a thief so they, with appropriate help and support from Dad, Mum and their friend's uncle, discover the truth. Their efforts put them in the way of acquiring a new gift that is not stolen goods.

This story is not as unlikely as it sounds, as famous or lost artworks do turn up in odd places from time to time.

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