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Don't Look in the Mirror

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Don't Look in the Mirror  (Post 104)

Don't Look in the Mirror (2001), was partly the result of my interest in superstitions. Debs Intal wins third prize in a writing contest and takes her prize book voucher to swap for a book. She usually reads paperback adventures, but feels like choosing something that will look like a prize. She gets a lavishly illustrated book on superstitions. She manages to break her sister's hand mirror and goes to great lengths to avoid the seven years of bad luck. Her sister mischievously keeps reminding her, and Granny Bettina, an actress, can't understand what's going on. While trying to avoid explaining herself, and also attempting to break the mirror's curse, Debs is trying to think of a new plot to write for another writing contest. Naturally, her experiences avoiding her reflection, coupled with Granny Bettina's tales of acting in melodramas, combine to give her the very idea. 
   Apart from the superstitions and a child writer entering contests, this book has two more tips of the hat to my life. Debs' surname is borrowed from a friend I worked with some years ago, and one of the adventure books Debs likes is The Watch Dog... which was the working title of Maya the Adventureless. 
   This one came out under one of my pen names; Joseph Corella.

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