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Horizontal Bunny Hop

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Horizontal Bunny Hop  (Post 97)

Today's post is one of the Lark Westerly titles; a comedy fantasy romance for adult readers so if you're not an adult, stop reading now.

Horizontal Bunny Hop (2017) is part of the A Fairy in the Bed series; a mostly light-hearted and interconnected collection encompassing (so far) stories of about 10,000 words up. 
   It all began when the publisher put out an all-hear-ye for Christmas shorts, which would be individual stories sharing a cover picture with different titles and author names. As I enjoy writing short forms and have written for this company before, I put my hand up for a slot. Correction, Lark put her hand up. She's one of my pen names. Lark produced the story Fairy on the Christmas Tree (Post 35). When the call went out for Summer Shorts, Lark popped out again with another fairy romancing a young woman who happened to be a cousin to the heroine of the first story. The heroes are cousins too, so if you happen to like fair-haired fairies out of their tree and in or out of armour... well, when that story comes out no doubt it will get its own blog post. It, too, will have a shared cover. 
   Lark, by now thoroughly above herself, took over  the computer and sent an email to an editor at the company saying it was just as well there was no call out for Easter stories, because she might come up with a new story inspired by the Energiser Bunny. (Lark really is an inventive wench.) The editor said, why not write it anyway? What had been a joke thus became a challenge. The Energiser Bunny does not in fact star in this story. Why? Well, he's a character invented by someone else and may even be trademarked. 
   Horizontal Bunny Hop includes a brand new heroine named Mab, whose sister knows Frances, from Fairy on the Christmas Tree and Hot Summer Knight. Frances is responsible for the voucher Mab has from a company called Vouch-Safe which offers mystery breaks and holidays. Vouch-Safe appears again in another upcoming tale...but that's another story! Because these stories are networlded or interwoven, and because they all involve, at some point, a fairy in a bed, the publisher allowed Lark to produce them under the umbrella series title.
   Horizontal Bunny Hop, which has the tagline Two flat batteries and a fairy in her bed, makes use of a mid-20th Century dance style called The Bunny Hop. It also includes Easter eggs, a bottle of advocaat and hijinks in the attic. Oh, and Room Service. Don't forget Room Service. Mab never will! This story, the third written but the second published, has its own custom cover, which is why you see silver Easter eggs adorning the bedspread. 
    Horizontal Bunny Hop was released TODAY, which is why it is featured as today's blog post. If you're an adult who enjoys stories with hapless heroines who still manage to have a bouncing good time, Lark says you should go to THIS LINK to see what's hopping. Lark has her own home page at . It features red roses.

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