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That Bothersome Bandiscoot

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That Bothersome Bandiscoot  (Post 102)

In That Bothersome Bandiscoot (2003), Phoebe and her sister Tree have an embarrassing dad. Dad is super noisy and always inventing bizarre punishments for things that don't behave. When the vacuum cleaner sneezes out dust, he threatens it with pepper. Phoebe thinks Dad is funny, but now she's trying to do a school project on wildlife and Dad is ranting about holes in the lawn. It devolves they have a visiting bandicoot or, as Dad terms it, a bothersome bandiscoot. Dad plans to twist its whiskers and bake a bandiscoot pie and he does this at the top of his voice. Phoebe and Tree know Dad would never harm the bandiscoot, but what must Mr Dixon, their new neighbour, think? What if he thinks Dad really is a bandiscoot punisher? Phoebe tries to get Dad under control and soothe Mr Dixon's possible suspicions and get her project done... it really is too much for someone in Year Four.
   Researching the bandiscoot gives her ammunition to stop Dad's announcement that the bandiscoot is eating his lawn, but is that enough? 
   Of course, all ends happily.
   That Bothersome Bandiscoot springs from the conviction that many children have embarrassing dads, and that it's sometimes difficult to balance love of wildlife with the desire to keep gardens intact. It also introduces some methods for doing research.
   This one, like the Baker stories, (Creature Cottage, A Horrorday to Remember and Soggy Doggy Dot Com) was written under the pen name Patrick Farrell and shares the same illustrator.

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